Thursday, December 3

Booster add-ons

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Koodo Offers Limited Time ‘Triple Value’ Prepaid Booster Add-ons

Koodo, Telus' flanker brand, offers prepaid “triple value” booster add-ons for a limited time. Those on a prepaid plan can add some of the carrier booster add-ons, which can include extra data or minutes, and get three times more than usual. Customers can add Koodo booster add-ons to their basic prepaid plans through the company's online 'Self Serve' portal. Plus, Koodo says its boosters don't expire - unused minutes, text messages, or data will carry over to the next month when customers renew their basic plan. We describe the triple value prepaid booster add-ons below: Data boosters$ 10/300 MB (normally 100 MB) $ 20 / 1.5GB (normally 500MB) $ 30 / 3GB (normally 1GB)Conversation enhancers$ 10/300 minutes (normally 100 minu...