Friday, October 23


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Twitter works on a new ‘Birdwatch’ tool to combat misinformation

Twitter is working on a new experimental tool called Birdwatch, which will be used to combat misinformation on its platform. Social media consultant Matt Navarra screenshots posted of what the tool will look like on the Twitter mobile app. It looks like the tool will be added as an option in the menu that includes the Mute, Lock, and Report buttons. A user can mark a post for moderation when adding it to Birdwatch. Users will also be able to add notes that can be private or public to explain why they flagged the post. Twitter would place an icon at the bottom of a tweet to show users' Birdwatch notes about it.New Twitter feature? 'Birdwatch' ?! 🐦 Any idea what it does? - Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) September 30, 2020In add...