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Chrystia Freeland to replace Morneau as finance minister: reports – The Canadian News

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LILLEY: Liberals look to place blame anywhere but Morneau
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LILLEY: Liberals look to place blame anywhere but Morneau

I don’t know if she’s realized it yet but Bardish Chagger is being set up for a big fall.The junior minister in Justin Trudeau’s government has been called out by both backbench MPs and Finance Minister Bill Morneau as the person behind the problematic WE contract.“I was not the minister responsible. As I outlined in my prepared remarks that was Minister Chagger,” Morneau told members of the finance committee Wednesday.“As to your second question on who signed the document, I’m actually not aware of that. My assumption would be Minister Chagger.”Later in testimony, he was asked by backbench Toronto Liberal MP Julie Dzerowicz to clarify this again.“Can you just make it clear for the committee that it was the responsibility of Minister Chagger to actually sign the final contract an...
LILLEY: The charity scandal that rocked the Trudeau government and how it happened
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LILLEY: The charity scandal that rocked the Trudeau government and how it happened

It’s a scandal like none I’ve seen that has rocked the Trudeau government and spawned at least five investigations into the government actions.Even CNN has speculated that this could bring down the Trudeau Liberals.I’m not sure about that but it is a story that keeps on revealing more.What started out as an attempt to help young people financially by introducing the Canada Student Service Grant has morphed into something else. The allegation is that this contract was just too cozy, that Justin Trudeau and others in his government were simply too close to the people getting a $912 million sole-sourced contract.Along with giving the government headaches, this saga has shaken one of the biggest charities in the country.Keeping track of it all can be difficult so let me try and help ...
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LILLEY: Liberal connections to WE continue to pile up

It’s getting harder to tell where the Liberal Party of Canada ends and WE Charity begins.After finding out, despite denials, that the Prime Minister’s family was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to appear at WE Day events and that Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s two daughters have been involved – one even working for WE now – we find out more.Did you know the Morneau clan took a trip to Ecuador with WE in December 2017? That’s right, Morneau, his wife Nancy McCain and their children were hosted by WE near Tena in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest. This was after Ms. McCain and the couple’s daughter Clare Morneau were part of a trip to Kenya earlier that same year.“In both cases the Morneau family covered all associated costs and expenses,” said Morneau’s spokesman Pierre-Olivier H...
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WUDRICK: Trudeau spent the rainy day fund back when the sun was shining

One trillion dollars. A one with twelve zeroes after it. A thousand billion dollars.It’s where Canada’s federal debt is heading in the next half year.We all knew the number was going to be jaw-dropping, but it turned out to be even worse than even the most pessimistic predictions.On March 27, the Parliamentary Budget Office estimated this year’s federal deficit would hit $112 billion. By April 30, that estimate had jumped to $252 billion.But when Finance Minister Bill Morneau revealed his ‘fiscal snapshot’ this week, the deficit had ballooned to a whopping $343 billion. That means our existing $775 billion federal debt will now increase by over 40% in a single year. That will put it well over a trillion dollars for the first time.By comparison, the last time the debt rose by $343...