Tuesday, October 27


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5 physical activities to help reduce anxiety and stress in Utah

run, fit, fitness, workout, jog, runner, woman, athlete, athletic, girl, health, training, mountain, vitality, road, jogger, action, outdoor, marathon, legs, adult, young, sport,motion, tree, leisure, endurance, activity, sporty, sunrise, wellness, determination, active, outside, people, female, recreation, energy, lifestyle, healthy, misty, body,speed, person, wellbeing, exercise, nature, alone, shutterstock, As Utah announces a new COVID-19 state of emergency declaration, many are beginning to feel more anxiety and stress due to the pandemic. According to a survey presented by the CDC, 40.9% of respondents have reported at least one adverse mental or behaviora...
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Google slightly improving bike guidance in Maps

To help the influx of more people biking amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Google Maps is updating its bike guidance features to make it easier for people on two wheels to navigate. The blog post doesn’t go into many specifics, but there is a new algorithm that should keep bikers off routes that include things like stairs, tunnels, busy streets and other hazards or annoyances. Google also said that it’s going to start showing elevation changes in Maps so bikes can see how easy or tough their next ride is going to be. MobileSyrup has reached out to Google to confirm if these features are coming to Canada. Beyond adding new features on its own, Google is also asking cities and towns that are adding new bike lanes to update their ma...
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A ‘stranded’ college student biked over 2,000 miles to get home during lockdown: ‘It was very emotional’

For Kleon Papadimitriou, staying home during lockdown wasn’t an issue — getting home, however, was a little more of a problem.The 20-year-old, who was studying at Scotland’s University of Aberdeen when the pandemic began, spent the last two months biking across Europe to get back to his family.His journey lasted 48 days and spanned more than 2,000 miles, finally ending on June 27 when he reached his home in Athens, Greece.“It was very emotional,” Papadimitriou told CNN of the day he finished his ride. “Coming from a family from two parents that were very adventurous in their younger years, seeing me kind of follow in their footsteps, I think is very emotional to them and obviously gives me a lot of meaning.”Papadimitriou’s trip home was never supposed to...