Thursday, October 22


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Coronavirus: Toronto Company Hoping Tom Hanks Has ‘Big’ Impact As Physical Distance Marker

By John Chidley-Hill , The Canadian Press. 2 hours ago It could be “A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood” if you come across a life-sized decal of Tom Hanks in downtown Toronto. Images of the Oscar-winning actor have been laid on the ground outside of two government-run liquor stores in the city’s downtown, using his six-foot frame to help customers maintain their physical distance in line. The decals show a bespectacled Hanks in a suit above the caption “‘Hanks for keeping your distance.”RELATED: Tom Hanks: ‘When I had coronavirus, my bones felt like they were made of soda crackers’The non-profit initiative was developed by Public Inc., a Toronto-based marketing agency, with the aim of injecting some fun into physical distancing. “We were a bit concerned that people we...