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Big Brother

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‘Big Brother’ star cast announced

By Brent Furdyk. 54 seconds ago "Big Brother" will return for its 22nd season, which will be a special edition of successful stars Global reality show. The new season's star cast includes past winners Nicole Franzel and Ian Terry, fan favorites Da'Vonne Rogers and Kaysar Ridha and many more familiar faces. First in a "Big Brother," the 16 Houseguests were revealed live on Wednesday night during the season. inaugural live move-in event: This season also marks the show's 20th anniversary, which originally premiered in 2000. RELATED: Julie Chen Moonves Teases 'Big Brother All-Stars' Cast: 'Every Person Has Something To Prove' The following 16 All-Stars will spend the summer competing for $ 500,000: Bayleigh Dayton (27) CBS © 2020 CBS Broadcastin...
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Julie Chen Moonves mocks the cast of ‘Big Brother All-Stars’: ‘Every person has something to prove’

By Julia Lennox. 23 seconds ago The countdown is on for "Big Brother" fans. Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, the full-length reality show will continue its annual summer season, heralded as a star competition. His audience eagerly awaits the return of the former guests, whose identities will be revealed during a live move-in event for the first time in franchise history. RELATED: The Cast Of 'Big Brother' Stars Won't Be Revealed Until They Move In During Premiere ET CanadaSangita Patel caught up with host Julie Chen Moonves, who scoffed at the common thread of previous participants this season. "Each person has something to prove," explains the 50-year-old man. "We have past winners who have to prove they deserved to win. We have past winners who cam...
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The stellar cast of ‘Big Brother’ won’t be revealed until they move in during the premiere.

By Jennifer Drysdale‍, 51 minutes ago "Older brother" It's doing things differently for its upcoming season 22. The CBS reality show won't reveal its star cast until they enter the house during the August 5 premiere, the show announced Thursday. "Prepare to expect the unexpected!" the show made fun of Twitter. Check out the first live reveal and cast # BB22 during the 2-hour season premiere on Wednesday at 9 / 8c on @CBS! "Get ready to expect the unexpected! Watch the first move LIVE and # BB22 Cast reveal during the 2-hour season premiere on Wednesday at 9 / 8c in @CBS! - Big Brother (@CBSBigBrother) July 30, 2020"Big Brother 22" marks the show's 20th anniversary since its debut on CBS. The season will be the f...
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Paul Abrahamian Is Skipping Out On ‘Big Brother All-Stars’ 2020: ‘I Don’t Thinking Going From 1 Stressful Quarantine To Another Is A Good Idea’

By Shakiel Mahjouri. 3 hours ago Do not expect to see Paul Abrahamian on the upcoming season of Global’s “Big Brother All-Stars”. RELATED: ‘Big Brother’ Returns For A New All-Star Season This August Abrahamian, a two-time “Big Brother” runner-up, told fans on Twitter that he has opted out of the upcoming season. His decision was simple: a responsible call to prioritize his mental health. “The experience as a whole comes with a hefty amount of emotional and mental stress,” Abrahamian tweeted. “I don’t think going from one stressful quarantine to another is a good idea. I miss life and I miss genuine human interaction.” “Society as a whole is changing at a fast pace,” he continued. “I don’t want to be locked away and be unaware of, or miss out on, the evolution of where we a...
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‘Big Brother’ Returns For A New All-Star Season This August

By Corey Atad. 16 secs ago Julie Chen. Photo:: Sonja Flemming / CBS / Courtesy: Everett Collection/CP Images The coronavirus can’t stop Global’s “Big Brother”. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the long-running reality series has been given the green light for a new all-star season premiering August 5. RELATED: ‘Big Brother Canada’ Back For 9th Season With Host Arisa Cox Doing Double Duty As Executive Producer The season will kick off with a two-hour live episode showing the contestants moving into the “Big Brother” house, with new episodes airing three times weekly on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Live eviction shows will take place but without an audience in the studio. Host Julie Chen Moonves is set to return. Production on th...