Monday, October 26

Big Brother 22

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Julie Chen Moonves mocks the cast of ‘Big Brother All-Stars’: ‘Every person has something to prove’

By Julia Lennox. 23 seconds ago The countdown is on for "Big Brother" fans. Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, the full-length reality show will continue its annual summer season, heralded as a star competition. His audience eagerly awaits the return of the former guests, whose identities will be revealed during a live move-in event for the first time in franchise history. RELATED: The Cast Of 'Big Brother' Stars Won't Be Revealed Until They Move In During Premiere ET CanadaSangita Patel caught up with host Julie Chen Moonves, who scoffed at the common thread of previous participants this season. "Each person has something to prove," explains the 50-year-old man. "We have past winners who have to prove they deserved to win. We have past winners who cam...