Monday, October 26


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Behind-the-scenes video shows how Chipotle’s new drinks are made

Chipotle is sharing a behind-the-scenes look at how some of its organic beverages are made.The fast-casual chain is selling a new line of organic teas, lemonades and agua frescas, all of which are available in participating locations starting on July 21.All of the new drinks are brewed by Tractor Beverage Co., a non-GMO producer committed to organic farming and using real ingredients. To go along with the partnership, Chipotle shared a video of how the company produces, bottles and mixes its drinksIn the video above, teas are brewed in a giant metal vat before entering a mesmerizing bottling line. Inside the conveyor belt, each drink is poured and sealed before being led away for shipping.Chipotle’s new drink menu includes four new items for dine-in an...