Thursday, October 29

Bette Midler

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HBO’s ‘Coastal Elites’ Cast Tackles Social Satire And Anxiety

By The Associated Press. 17 seconds ago For Bette Midler and Sarah Paulson, putting HBO's "Coastal Elites" into forced isolation from the pandemic proved to be an unsettling challenge. “It was just weird, completely weird, because it takes you… through all these burrows of 'What's next? I mean, what else could happen to me? '”Midler said during an online press conference Wednesday about social satire. It opens on September 12. For Midler, the unusual working conditions reinforced the force with which the pandemic has hit the entertainment industry. Most of the film and television production came to a standstill in March and is trying to recover, even with socially distanced recording approaches. RELATED: Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton Get Togethe...