Sunday, November 1

Betsy devos

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Dave Grohl penned a beautiful letter supporting America’s teachers

The number of Americans diagnosed wit COVID-19 has exploded over the course of July, but that hasn't stopped the Trump Administration from aggressively pushing for schools to reopen in the fall.Earlier in the month, Trump tweeted that virtual learning "has proven to be terrible compared to in school."Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who's been a strong advocate for school choice and reducing the federal role in districts, has done an about-face and is pushing schools to reopen as well. "I think the go-to needs to be kids in school, in person, in the classroom," she told CNN. "Because we know for most kids, that's the best environment for them."Her department has also threatened to pull funding from districts that refuse to reopen. "The basic premise of federal funding under law is to...