Wednesday, October 28

beta 3

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Android 11 Beta 3 is coming, it will soon be compatible with Pixel 4a

Google started rolling out Android 11 Beta 3 with a surprise release on Thursday. This should be the last beta before the official launch of Android 11 later this summer, according to past rumors, probably on September 8. The search giant considers Beta 3 a "release candidate build," which means that Beta 3 is essentially what users will get when the official Android 11 update is released. For those who wanted to try the beta but stick with at bay for fear of bugs, beta 3 should be the most secure and stable version yet. That being said, expect some bugs and issues as it is still a beta version. Beta 3 is a 'release candidate' also means that almost everything in the beta is finalized and ready for release. For app developers, t...