Friday, October 30

Bella Swan

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Teens discover literal Easter egg in ‘Twilight’ movie

As if the “Twilight” franchise wasn’t cursed enough, now people on TikTok and Twitter have pointed out an absolutely bizarre detail that most people seemed to have missed in the last 12 years.In the movie, Emmett Cullen — played by Kellan Lutz — is inexplicably seen in a bunch of shots carrying a bag of hardboiled eggs.emmett was just carrying around a bag of nothing but hard boiled eggs and I didn’t notice for 12 years????— המאבק שלך הוא המאבק שלי (@porchluck) July 16, 2020Emmett’s “special ability” is “super strength,” which might explain the eggs. (Eggs are a good source of protein, after all.)However, a quick refresher via a 2008 Teen Vogue article confirmed that in this fictitious world, vampires cannot eat human food or ...