Monday, October 26


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Up-and-coming product is going to make shotgunning beers more efficient

If nursing a can of beer isn’t your thing, this new Kickstarter wants to make shotgunning more efficient. The Pump Action boasts a “revolutionary way to shotgun.” Its simple “pump it, spin it, gun it” method will surely get you guzzling your favorite beers in no time. Using the Pump Action is fairly easy. Load a can of beer into the device, push the pump down to pierce the can. Then spin the pump to the other side of the can to reveal the hole and “gun it.”“The greatest part about the Pump Action is feeling the satisfaction of puncturing an ice-cold can and videos simply can’t do that justice,” the Kickstarter states. But the real best part might be much nerdier than that. Your mom will be happy to know that the tool prevents cut fingers and lips. The Pum...
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Please, give the mustard beer a chance

Today, French’s announced its brand new mustard beer, which, thankfully, will arrive just in time for National Mustard Day on Aug. 1 (which makes me question, how were we ever planning to celebrate the holiday without it?)I already know what you’re thinking here — mustard belongs in a beer just as much as it belongs in ice cream. But, dear reader, I urge you to keep an open mind and give the mustard beer a chance, because it’s actually delicious.Developed in partnership with Oskar Blues Brewery, the limited-release tropical wheat beer, which is brewed with French’s Classic Yellow® Mustard, is infused with key lime, lemon, tangerine and passion fruit — ya know, more typical flavors for beer.The end product is a very light-bodied wheat beer with an almost sour ...