Wednesday, October 28

Bedtime mode

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Google’s ‘bedtime mode’ is implemented on non-Pixel Android devices

Google recently replaced the 'Offline' mode of its Digital Wellbeing feature set with the new 'Bedtime Mode', which exists in the Clock app on Pixel devices. Or it did. Now, Bedtime mode is rolling out to non-Pixel devices. Bedtime mode is a set of functions designed to help people sleep more consistently. It works by setting a regular wake-up alarm on your phone, including a handy 'Sunrise Alarm' feature that lights up your screen to simulate a morning sunrise. It also asks users to set a bedtime that silences their phone. You can also enable Android's 'Do Not Disturb' and 'Grayscale' feature to make using your phone less attractive. On top of that, people can connect Bedtime mode with things like phone usage to see which app...