Saturday, October 31

beckham creek cave

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Stay at this luxury cave nestled in the Ozark Mountains

Most people don’t imagine a cave as a dream vacation home. But Beckham Creek Cave has transformed the natural occurrence into a luxurious space.The Arkansas cave has quite a colorful history as it is. Not only is it a 5,800-square-foot cavern, but humans have used it for over a century at least. Local legend has it that Jesse James and his gang used it to hideout in the mountains. In the 1920s it was taken over by prohibition-subverting bootleggers. While in the 1980s it became a bomb shelter, it would later serve as a celebrity nightclub and even a bordello.Today its owners have made it a comfortable little palace where anyone can pass through. The lodge manager, Rayne Davidson gave In The Know a tour of the unique vacation house.“We wanted to blend the cave...