Monday, October 19

Be Like That

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Kane Brown talks about new single ‘Be Like That’, reveals what fans can expect from upcoming album

By Brent Furdyk. 25 seconds ago Apple music Kane Brown sat down with Apple Music's Brooke Reese, via FaceTime, to discuss her new single, "Be Like That," with Khalid and Swae Lee. According to the country star, he fell in love with the song the first time he heard it. "So I first heard this song when I was on tour, probably a year and a half ago, that's how long we've had it," he told Reese. “I was like, I love this song. It was catchy. I thought we will have to make some changes to it because the previous song had some things that I would not sing. So they made some changes to it and then we talked about getting some artists and they got Swae, so I told them I could probably get Khalid, but it was very difficult for Khal...