Sunday, October 25


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You can buy these movie car replicas seized in a $65-million fraud case

Can we all just agree trying to defraud federal government agencies is a bad idea? The owner of an outfit in Ohio called the Braking Point Recovery Center – which you author logically assumed was a towing company but was actually a rehab unit – was sentenced in January to 7.5 years in the clink for bilking the U.S. Medicaid system out of nearly CDN$65 million.Why does this matter to the gearheads reading this site? Because part of the restitution involves the sale of his trio of replica movie cars from Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, and Batman.According to local news reports, the DeLorean cost in excess of fifty grand (which seems on the low side for a good movie replica) while the Ghostbusters Caddy and repro Batmobile are worth about $150,000 apiece.According to the auction...