Tuesday, October 20

bathing suit

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Woman gets body shamed at the beach for wearing a bikini … to the beach

A woman was having a relaxing weekend at upstate New York’s Freedom Lake, when a mother came up to her and admonished her for wearing a bikini.The bikini-clad woman, who goes by Aurea on TikTok, recorded the altercation, which involved the mother saying Aurea needed to “get her a** covered.” The video has over 3 million views.“See those two little boys over there?” the mother says to Aurea. “Those are my boys and they’re staring at your a**, which is hanging out.”She continues, saying that she has an extra pair of shorts Aurea can borrow to cover up.“Is there a rule that says that?” Aurea asks.“Yeah, there is,” the woman replies. “You can’t be nude on a beach, or like this, it’s a public place.”“Alright, go and ask them,” Aurea says, referring to ...