Friday, October 23

Bandai Namco

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Play Anime Live Twitch live stream on July 22 offers prize give aways

If you want to watch an anime game stream, Crunchyroll and Bandai Namco’s live stream is where it’s at. Bandai is holding a Twitch live stream, called ‘Play Anime Live’ on July 22nd at 4pm PT / 7pm ET. The anime stream will have cool prizes to give away and there’ll be other updates as well. One of the games that’ll be featured is Scarlet Nexus, a Bandai Namco title with no release date in sight. Other titles that’ll be played are:Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Captain Tsubasa My Hero One’s Justice 2 One Piece Pirate Warriors 4There’ll also be trailers, developer Q & As, and video game news.
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Tales of Crestoria now available on Android and iOS

Free-to-play Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) Tales of Crestoria has launched Android and iOS. The latest entry in Bandai Namco’s Tales of franchise, Crestoria takes place in a world where “sinners” are condemned and punished by popular vote.Protagonist Kanata and orphan girl Misella are the latest to be labelled “Transgressors” by their fellow citizens and find themselves on the run from “enforcers.” That said, Crestoria also features characters from other Tales of games, including Yuri (Vesperia), Lloyd (Symphonia) and Milla (Xillia). In terms of gameplay, Crestoria features a mobile-optimized version of a traditional turn-based RPG combat system featuring the Tales of franchise’s signature ‘Mystic Artes’ special abilities. As...