Saturday, December 5

Back Tap

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Here’s how to set up the iOS 14 Back Tap feature on your iPhone

When iOS 14 was in beta, some enterprising testers discovered a new 'Back Tap' feature that allows users to tap on the back of their iPhone to activate shortcuts or launch apps. Back Tap is quite a useful feature, so we thought we'd go through how to configure it and explain some of its capabilities. First, to activate Back Tap on your iPhone, it will need to be on iOS 14 or later. If you're running iOS 14, head to Settings> Accessibility> Tap> Tap Back (it's the bottom option on the touch menu).From here, you can start configuring and customizing the Back Touch. First, you can select between tapping twice or three times, or use both if you want. This determines how many times you have to touch the back of the phone to trigger an action. Both options give you access to the sam...