Tuesday, October 27

Baby Yoda

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Finally, you can turn your boring Amazon Echo Dot into Baby Yoda

If you are a fan of both Star Wars and Amazon Alexa, well, today is your lucky day. A new Otterbox accessory turns the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker into The Child of The Mandalorian, an excellent Star Wars series available at Disney +. Amazon's list for the Echo case lists its features, such as how its durable materials can "withstand everyday use." And there is the "precision fit anti-slip base designed for optimal audio output." But really, what does any of that matter? Turn your boring smart speaker into Baby Yoda.The child support is available to pre-order now and will launch on August 20. It costs $ 34.95 in Canada. You can make your order here. Otterbox generally makes smartphone cases, but it appears ...