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Tesla reports its fifth consecutive quarterly profit with record revenue in the third quarter of 2020

Tesla reported its fifth consecutive quarter of earnings on October 21, indicating that the company has not been frustrated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company reported auto revenue of $ 7.6 billion (about C $ 9.9 billion), beating analysts' expectations. This is an increase from the $ 5.3 billion USD (about $ 6.9 billion CAD) reported in the same period a year ago. Analysts note that if Tesla can keep up, this would be its first profitable year after years of losses. Tesla reports that it delivered 139,000 vehicles during the third quarter of 2020, which is a new record for the electric car maker. It previously had a record of 119,000 deliveries, which it set late last year. The Model 3 and Model Y led the way, with 124,100 de...
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GM’s Electric Hummer Truck Is Here With An Estimated Range Of 560km

After months of teasing, General Motors (GM) has finally shared the look and specs of its all-electric Hummer-brand pickup truck. The company says the new truck will hit the road during the fall of 2022 with an estimated range of more than 560 km, based on its first tests. Beyond this impressive range, the new truck is projected to have 1,000 horsepower and GM estimates approximately 11,500 pound-feet of torque. This is generated by three engines packaged within what GM calls the Ultium Drive. Unsurprisingly, this Ultium brand is all over the truck as it uses General Motors' new modular battery system. This system includes the "Ultium Drive architecture" and the "Ultium batteries". While this may sound great, this is just a fancy name for the modular system GM developed to help s...
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Some Canadian Tesla Cars Get Free Internet Connectivity

Some Canadian owners of Tesla report that the company is offering them free internet, suggesting that Tesla could be reverting to its previous internet option. Tesla cars from before a certain point in 2018 came with a free internet package that allowed drivers to stream music, use a web browser, get over-the-air software updates, and other internet-related features. Later in 2018, the company switched to a two-tier option. The free tier relied on Wi-Fi for updates and allowed people to use basic navigation on the road. While the $ 14 CAD paid tier unlocks sat nav, wireless updates, web browser, and music streaming. The company has since offered a free trial for the premium offering, so these folks may still be getting into that....
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Tesla quietly removes its site’s seven-day return policy

Tesla no longer includes its seven-day vehicle return policy on its website. First seen by the electric vehicle news site Electrek, the website of the auto giant that was once linked to politics now it just goes to the home page. The policy allowed people to order a Tesla online to have it delivered to their home and return it within seven days if they were not satisfied, which was practically unheard of in the auto industry. It is currently unclear why the policy was removed, and it is unclear if an official reason will be provided anytime soon, given that Tesla recently dissolved its public relations department. Nonetheless, this development is particularly notable considering that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has touted his "no questions...
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Fiat Chrysler to build electric or hybrid vehicles in Windsor, Ontario

Following the agreement between Ford, various levels of government and the Unifor Auto Workers Union, Fiat Chrysler will establish an electric vehicle plant in Ontario. According to a report by Electric autonomy Canada, the company's assembly plant in Windsor, Ontario to be modernized as part of a $ 1.3 to $ 1.5 billion investment. Over the next three years, Fiat Chrysler will remodel the Windsor plant to prepare it for electric vehicle manufacturing, resulting in up to 2,000 new jobs, according to the automaker. Currently, the plant has 4,600 employees and Fiat Chrysler employs 9,000 people in Ontario. The Windsor plant will make the Chrysler Pacifica and Voyager minivans and will step up to build a new plug-in hybrid or EV in 2...
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Tesla has new Model 3 and Model Y variants with greater range

Tesla has revamped the Model 3 and Model Y with some small improvements and a lot more range. Specifically, the Model 3 is getting additional larger wheel options and a new center console with a matte plastic finish instead of the glossy version used before. However, the real improvement is in the vehicle's range. Model 3Standard Plus Range: 423 km (previous range 386 km) Long range: 568 km (old range 518 km) Performance: 507 km (previous range 481)Drivers can also expect an auto-dimming mirror, matte black accents instead of chrome, and a heated steering wheel, according to Electrek. In general, nothing but range upgrades are incredibly useful, but these are definitely nice perks that should have been on the expensive sedan to...
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Tesla Model S gets slight price decrease in Canada

Tesla has lowered the price of its two Model S models, making them a bit more affordable. In Canada, the Long Range Plus version now costs $ 101,990 CAD, which is a drop of $ 4,000 from its previous price of $ 105,990 based on our previous report. The more powerful Performance model now costs $ 124,990, which is a $ 6,000 drop from the previous price of $ 130,990. I'm not sure how much the Plaid model costs, but if you're spending $ 189,990 on a car I don't think a $ 4,000 to $ 6,000 price difference is going to make a difference. You can check the car in Tesla website. Via: Tesla north
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Toronto to begin testing driverless shuttles in spring 2021

The city of Toronto has signed an agreement with Local Motors to use the ground mobility company Olli driverless ferries in its planned automated shuttle test. The trial is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2021 and will last six to 12 months. A certified operator from Pacific Western Transportation and a customer service ambassador from TTC or Metrolinx will be on board the shuttles for each trip.#CityofTO signs an agreement to deliver the automated shuttle test scheduled for spring 2021. Press release: https://t.co/Bp8KrMPNVC pic.twitter.com/pLHervhk0R - City of Toronto (@cityoftoronto) October 14, 2020Meanwhile, each shuttle seats eight people and has an accessibility ramp, a wheelchair safety system, and audio and visual...
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Ontario and federal governments invest $ 590 million in Ford’s electric vehicle factory in Ontario

Following Ford's $ 1.8 billion investment in its Oakville and Windsor Ontario plants, the federal and Ontario governments are adding $ 590 million to the pot. Investments by Ford and multiple levels of government were reported near the end of September when Unifor Union and Ford forged a tentative agreement. At that time, he was informed by the Toronto star that Ottawa was only going to put up $ 500 million to help convince Ford to bring its electric vehicle manufacturing to Ontario. Today's official announcement clarifies that these are actually two separate investments of $ 295 million from the provincial and federal governments. According to previous reports, this money is being used to remodel Ford's Oakville plant to include ...
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Amazon has built a custom electric delivery van with Rivian

Amazon plans to build and deploy 10,000 electric delivery vehicles by 2022 and 100,000 by 2030. The company developed its new cargo van in conjunction with electric automotive startup Rivian. Beyond just being electric, the two companies sought to rethink the delivery experience to make it more efficient and safer for people to do their jobs. This includes "a suite of road and traffic assist technology and a large windshield to improve driver visibility," according to the Amazon blog. Of course, Amazon included Alexa in the new vehicle so that people can use the hands-free assistant on the road for routes and more.Outside there are some exterior cameras that give the driver a 360 degree view outside the vehicle. To give delivery...
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Tesla to produce 500,000 cars in 2020, says Musk: report

According to Reuters, Elon Musk has shared an internal memo in which he tells his employees that he has the opportunity to produce 500,000 cars in 2020.. In January, Tesla said its 2020 vehicle deliveries should exceed 500,000 units, and despite the pandemic, the forecast appears unchanged. “This all comes down to the fourth quarter. Please take whatever steps you can think of to improve production (while increasing quality), ”Musk wrote to his employees, according to Reuters. Musk reportedly sends this type of email every quarter relaying information on goals and new records. Additionally, electric car makers have to increase their deliveries to nearly 182,000 this quarter to hit the 500,000-unit target. This boost will be aided by the company's Shangha...
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Tesla Launches Two-Factor Authentication for User Accounts

Tesla is finally implementing two-factor authentication for user accounts to add an additional layer of security. Of the company Support page notes that you must register at least one mobile device to enable two-factor authentication for your Tesla account. It also notes that you will need your account credentials and a third-party authentication app to complete the setup process. There are three ways to complete the process: via your mobile device, with a desktop QR code, or with a security key. Tesla notes that you can have up to two devices registered at a time, and registered devices can be added, deleted, or renamed at any time from your Tesla account. If you have lost your registered device or cannot access your authentication application, you can ...