Thursday, October 29


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Google adds biometric lock to auto-fill information on Android

Google is taking a step to make its password autofill service much more secure by adding an extra layer of security to the feature. If a user wishes, they can now add a biometric lock before the auto-fill service automatically fills in their passwords. This means you can use a face scan, a fingerprint scanner, or a retina scan depending on your smartphone. Interestingly, users cannot add a pin code lock to the autocomplete feature, only biometrics. You can find and enable the new feature from your phone's Google settings menu. First, open your phone's System Settings app, then navigate to the Google section near the bottom. Once you've opened it, choose 'AutoComplete' and then 'AutoComplete with Google'. If you have the update, ...
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Android 11 introduces a new keyboard-based auto-complete feature

Android added native password autocomplete settings to Android in 9.0 Pie, but Android 11 will improve it significantly. As seen by Android Police, a new Android Developer Resource has appeared with details about the new autocomplete feature. According to the resource, Android 11 will allow "keyboards and other input method editors (IMEs) [to] show autocomplete suggestions online, in a suggestion strip, or something similar. " Currently, the autocomplete function uses a drop-down menu that appears above the username and password input fields. Unfortunately, it can be quite a frustrating option as these drop-down menus can often block the input field or get in the way. The doc also notes that keyboards won't see your login informa...