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Netflix’s new show, ‘Love on the Spectrum,’ highlights the dating lives of people with autism

A new Netflix series is exploring the dating lives of young people with autism.The show, called “Love on the Spectrum” originally aired in Australia, but is now available on the streaming service. All five episodes of the docuseries debuted on July 22.Each episode follows the 11 contestants as they go on dates, explore relationships and look for love. The premise is simple and intimate — one of the reasons the Los Angeles Times called it “TV’s most honest dating show.”“We thought, why not represent these people in their best light, just like every other series does?” Cian O’Clery, the series’ creator, told the newspaper. “The fact that people have a disability or condition shouldn’t affect the way we represent them.”Many reviews have agreed that O’...
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These best friends were given a 2 percent survival rate at birth — now, they’re graduating high school together

Odin Frost and Jordon Granberry were facing long odds.Both were born with conditions that would, at best, make their lives far more difficult than other kids. At birth, they were given around a 2 percent chance of survival. Doctors said neither was likely to make it past age seven — and if they did, they’d never be able to walk.In June, Odin and Jordon took a walk that defied those odds. The two men, now 18, strutted across the stage as they graduated from high school.Jordon, who suffered brain damage due to a lack of oxygen and Odin, who is non-verbal autistic, first met when they were three years old, according to KXAS-TV. Odin’s dad, Tim Frost, told the outlet had a memorable first encounter.“Jordon had just bit Odin, and Odin retaliated by pinchin...
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Best friends given a 2% chance to live past childhood just graduated high school together

Two young men who weren't supposed to live past age seven have just graduated from high school, and their story of perseverance and friendship is one that will fill even the hardest heart with hope. When Odin Frost was born, his Apgar score was so low he had to be on a ventilator to breathe and he spent two weeks in the NICU. Born prematurely, his mother had preeclampsia that caused stress during his birth, he had bleeding on his brain, and a club foot as well. For his first few years of life, he was in and out of hospitals as doctors attempted to treat him. Odin's parents were told that he was so behind in physical and mental development that he may never catch up. They prepared for him to need a wheelchair full-time as he got older.At age 3, Odin was accepted into a school that works ...
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These pieces of stim jewelry are a stylish form of autistic pride

Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and deals we love. If you love them too and decide to purchase through the links below, we may receive a commission. Pricing and availability are subject to change.Autistic pride is undeniably powerful and important — and it can also be stylish. That’s especially true when it comes to stimming and the jewelry created to help autistic people embrace the behavior.Self-stimulatory behavior, more commonly known as stimming, is one of the a main ways autism is diagnosed. According to Spectrum News, some examples of stimming include “hand-flapping, fidgeting with objects or body rocking, and vocalizations such as grunting or repeating certain phrases.” Stimming can also include chewing or sucking ...