Sunday, November 29


Atlice, cogeco, Rogers

Cogeco rejects $ 11.1 billion acquisition offer recently offered by Atlice and Rogers

The controlling family of the Cogeco companies has once again rejected a multi-million dollar takeover offer from Atlice USA Inc. and Rogers Communications Inc. In the second offer to buy all of their shares, Atlice USA and Rogers made an offer of $ 11.1 billion to the Audet family, which controls Cogeco Inc. and Cogeco Communications. According to 680 News, the family has rejected the offer and has said in a statement that "this is not a negotiation strategy, but a definitive rejection." Atlice USA and Rogers, who acts as Atlice USA's Canadian partner, offered the Audet family $ 11.1 billion to purchase all of the shares of the Cogeco companies. The billion dollar offer would also cover the purchase of multiple voting shares and subordinate shares of the Audet family. This ...