Thursday, October 29

Associated Newspapers

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Meghan Markle earns the right to protect the identities of her friends as the mail battle continues in court Sunday

By Becca Longmire. 19 seconds ago Meghan Markle has earned the right to prevent Associated Newspapers, the owner of the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday, from publishing the names of five of her friends who gave an anonymous interview to Persons magazine in your favor. According to the TelegraphThe judge revealed that the identities of the sources would remain protected "for the time being" as the Duchess' battle with the Post Office on Sunday continued on Wednesday. Mr. Justice Warby said: “I have concluded that, for the time being, at least the Court should grant the plaintiff the orders it seeks, the effect of which will be to protect the identities of the sources. “That is confidential information, whose protection at this stage is necessary in the inter...