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Google’s Cloud Anchors can link AR objects to real-world locations, now widely available

Google's persistent 'Cloud Anchors' feature is now widely available for Android, iOS and Unity mobile developers as part of ARCore version 1.20. Cloud Anchors, for those unfamiliar with the technology, allows developers to link augmented reality (AR) objects with real-world locations. Google first showcased Cloud Anchors at its 2018 I / O developer conference. The idea is to help build collaborative AR games and applications with persistent objects. Previously, AR experiences were only good for a single session and disappeared after users closed the app or game.Several applications are already compatible with Cloud Anchors. That includes'SJ Laboratories, 'an app to help people navigate Stockholm Central Station, Sweden',brand, 'which allows you to leav...
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Here are all the creatures and objects that you can see in AR through Google

Google Search has a really neat Augmented Reality (AR) feature that allows users to place animals, insects, and objects in their space. It even sports some dinosaurs, which is really cool! The feature has been around for some time and we've sporadically covered new additions in MobileSyrup, but we think now would be a good time to offer an overview of all AR animals available on Google. Before delving into the list below, there are a few things worth noting. First, Google's AR capabilities will work on most, but not all, devices. If you have an Android phone, you will need one that supports ARCore; there's a full list of compatible devices available here. The good news is that there are many that work with ARCore. For Apple users, you will need an i...
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The new Google Lens feature will analyze math problems and offer guides to help students

Google will expand its Lens software with a new feature that can help students solve math problems with step-by-step guides and detailed explanations. Google will use technology from the Socratic mobile learning app, which acquired last year, to power the Lens function. Users will be able to take a photo of their assignment and use Lens to highlight an equation or problem that they can't solve. Then Google Lens will offer access to guides and explainer to help students discover the concept. The idea is to go beyond offering a solution and help students learn the concept to better apply it themselves. Engadget says Google hasn't announced a release date for the new Lens feature, but the Socratic app is now available at ios and ...
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Google adds 23 insects to its AR animals search feature

Google added another round of critters to its augmented reality (AR) animals feature. If you’re a fan of bugs, there are now 23 insects you can view in 3D. The search giant has been hard at work over the last year adding all kinds of cool 3D objects to its AR Search features. The insects join dinosaurs, animals and objects like an astronaut suit. Like the others, users can quickly access these new AR critters by looking them up on Google. Look for a big card that shows a 3D model of the insect and tap the ‘View in 3D’ button to check it out. From there, you can tap ‘View in your space’ to place the bug in your room using AR. This should work on most modern Android phones and iOS devices. On Android, you’ll need a device with ARCore...