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Lyft adds transit information directly to your app in Toronto

Lyft has implemented public transportation information that users can access directly from the Lyft app in Toronto. Lyft riders in Toronto can now get details on nearby routes, upcoming departures, travel options, and walking directions for TTC, GO Transit, UP Express, and York Region Transit. According to Lyft, more than half of toronto riders They've used Lyft to get to and from public transportation, so there is certainly an audience for this functionality. For now, Toronto is the only Canadian city that supports Lyft transit, but the private transportation company says it will also launch in Vancouver "in the coming months." Lyft is available at Android, iOS and The Web. Source: Lyft
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Google now implements audio and video subtitles in Duo

Google is now releasing subtitles for audio and video messages on Duo.In a noisy place? No problem. Captions are now available on Google Duo, so you won't miss a word of your voice and video messages. - Made by Google (@madebygoogle) August 19, 2020This feature was first discovered in February by applications researcher Jane Manchun Wong, although this marks its first official release. It is important to note that this is not the same technology as Live Captions, which Google offers on select Pixel phones. That feature is capable of transcribing in real time, while Duo's new captioning option is not. Still, the Duo feature should help you check video and voice messages even ...
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Facebook begins to merge Messenger and Instagram chats

Facebook now asks users if they want to merge their Messenger and Instagram chats. During the last day, Instagram users reported that Facebook is providing them with a notification titled "There is a new way to send messages on Instagram" when opening the application. This message lists several new features, including "chat with friends who use Facebook", "a new colorful look for your chats", "react with any emoji" and "swipe to reply". Overall, this update brings the Instagram messaging feature more in line with Messenger. Namely, the update replaces the usual Instagram DM icon with the Messenger logo. Additionally, messages will appear in blue and purple as you scroll, in stark contrast to the standard Instagram gray and white ...
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TikTok users stumble upon ‘haunted’ building during randonauting session

A group of young adults stumbled upon a “creepy,” unexplained phenomenon while experimenting with a popular smartphone app.The encounter was shared on TikTok by a user named yungzaylo. The 22-year-old’s video details what happened while he and his friends were using the Randonautica app.For the unfamiliar, the app sends users on “randonauting” explorations by assigning them a random set of GPS coordinates in their area. The program aims to help people “go to a specific local place [they’ve] probably never even noticed,” according to a description on Reddit.Randonauting journeys can be exciting or even cathartic, but yungzaylo’s was downright scary. The app took the TikToker and his friends to a random building in Duluth, Ga.WARNING: the video below cont...
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Copy, paste catastrophe: how Apple’s iOS 14 disrupted clipboard espionage

Over the last few weeks, you’ve likely seen many stories — both from MobileSyrup and others — about apps accessing the iOS clipboard. Some probably wonder what the big deal is. After all, apps access your clipboard for copy and paste, a tool many of us use regularly. Unfortunately, not all apps use the clipboard as they should. Most of the recent iOS clipboard coverage traces back to two things: iOS 14 and app developer Mysk. In February 2020, German-based developer Tommy Mysk and Toronto-based developer Talal Haj Bakry shared a blog post explaining how iOS and iPadOS apps have unrestricted access to the clipboard. The duo highlighted how this access could lead to security vulnerabilities, such as exposing users’ precise location. For example, if someone copied a picture they took to t...