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Consumers spent $ 143 billion on apps in 2020: App Annie

Consumers around the world spent $ 143 billion (about C $ 182 billion) on mobile apps in 2020, according to a new report from app analytics firm App Annie. This marks a 20 percent increase from 2020. Breaking it down further, App Annie notes that 218 billion apps / games were downloaded last year. On Android alone, mobile device usage totaled 3.5 trillion hours, a 25 percent increase from 2019. The average user spent about 4.2 hours on mobile devices, and Canada arrived in just under four hours (compared to about three in 2019). Usage of social media apps increased 325 percent year-over-year, with TikTok in particular on track to reach 1.2 billion monthly active users by 2021. However, unsurprisingly, games represented the busines...
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Google’s iOS apps will get new privacy labels in the coming weeks

A (somewhat hilarious) report began circulating yesterday suggesting that Google purposely stopped updating its apps on iOS to avoid putting the required new Apple App Store privacy labels on its apps. Since then, the company has confirmed plans to add these tags. For those unfamiliar with Apple's privacy labels, the company released them in mid-December alongside the release of iOS 14.3. Tags appear on applications available through the Apple App Store and detail what data an application can access. That can include "linked to you" data, such as financial information or identifiers, data that is not linked to you, such as location or search history, and more. Along with the new App Store privacy labels, the Cupertino, California-based company said developers would need to report...
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Global spending on apps topped $ 400 million by Christmas: report

Android and iOS users around the world spent $ 407 million (about C $ 519.6 million) on Christmas Day, according to app analytics firm Sensor Tower. The firm notes that this represents 34.5 percent year-on-year growth since December 25, 2019. Most of the Christmas spending was on mobile games, which increased by 27 percent from Christmas 2019 to $ 295, $ 6 million (about $ 377 million Canadian). . Outside of games, entertainment apps continued to be the top-earning revenue stream on both the App Store and Google Play. TikTok was the top non-gaming app in terms of consumer spending, generating $ 4.7 million (about $ 6 million Canadian) over Christmas. Breaking it down further, Sensor Tower reports that the App Store accounted for ...
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Best MobileSyrup Apps for iOS and Android in 2020

As usual, MobileSyrup is completing the end of the year with several lists about our favorite things from the last 12 months. While 2020 has been undeniably bleak, that hasn't stopped us from highlighting some of the best apps that helped make getting through the year a little easier. If you have become a Work from Home Pro, or are looking to update your password game, we have a few apps listed below that bring cool functionality to your mobile phone. EpocCAMIn mid-March, many parts of the world turned into a ghost town when tons of people moved from their offices to work from home. While many of us are able to adapt quickly to new workplace regulations, others struggled. Then on top of that, there was a shortage of webcams that forced people to find creative ways to get into thei...
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Ontario to limit food delivery company fees in some areas starting December 19

In November, the Ontario provincial government announced legislation to limit the fees that food delivery companies like Uber Eats and Doordash can charge restaurants. The government now says that the legislation, dubbed the 'Local Restaurant Support Act, 2020', will take effect from December 19 at 12:01 a.m. According to a liberation of the province, food delivery companies "must limit the rates they charge to 20 percent for each transaction, with no more than 15 percent commission for food delivery services." The limit will only apply in areas where eating indoors has been prohibited to help restaurants in those areas stay in business. Also, if indoor dining restrictions reach new regions, the fare cap will apply there as well....
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Microsoft Teams gets a 24-hour meeting limit, a limit of 300 participants for free users

Microsoft is increasing the Teams free call limit and participant limits to allow more people to meet for longer. According to The edge, Teams now allows users to create a Teams meeting for up to 300 friends and family and run it all day, free of charge. I'm not sure why someone would need to have a 24 hour meeting with their friends or family, but the options are there if you need them. While the meeting organizer will need a Microsoft account to get started, everyone can take advantage without downloading the Teams app. Also, everyone except the host can join without a Microsoft account. Teams allows users to view up to 49 participants in a gallery view or through its fun 'Together Mode' feature that places participants in a sh...
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IPhone apps work on Apple Macs with the new M1 chip

Apple quietly announced that iPhone apps will work on Apple's new Mac computers with their homemade chips. This is a very useful feature, as it allows people to take advantage of the large number of iOS applications on their computers. You can run Android apps on Chromebooks, and it's a great feature on that platform. Hope it is the same or better on Mac. This doesn't mean that all iOS and iPadOS will come to macOS, but if enabled by the app developer, your app may be on macOS. More to come ...
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WhatsApp begins to implement a new ‘disappearing messages’ feature

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is launching a new missing messages feature this month for all users of the world. Basically, the feature allows users to enable a setting that will automatically delete messages after seven days. Anyone can enable the feature in individual chats, and group admins will be able to activate the setting in group chats. WhatsApp says it starts with seven days because it believes the time frame offers peace of mind that conversations are not permanent, but are still practical so you don't forget what you were talking about. The company notes that this setting will not affect messages you previously sent or received in chat. If a user does not see the message within the seven day period, the message will di...
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PlayStation reveals updated mobile app with revised UI, voice chat and more

Sony has revealed a major update to its free PlayStation app at Android Y ios That brings with it a set of changes and new features to use with both the PS4 and the next PS5.In particular, the update introduces a complete overhaul of the app's user interface, with a new home screen that shows what your friends are playing and easy access to your recently played games and the Trophy List. Additionally, a new 'Explore' tab will be added so that you can see official game developer news and PS Blog content. On top of that, PlayStation Store has been integrated into the app for seamless browsing and shopping. From here, you can also download games and add-ons remotely directly to your PS4 and PS5. Elsewhere in the app, support for v...
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Lyft adds transit information directly to your app in Toronto

Lyft has implemented public transportation information that users can access directly from the Lyft app in Toronto. Lyft riders in Toronto can now get details on nearby routes, upcoming departures, travel options, and walking directions for TTC, GO Transit, UP Express, and York Region Transit. According to Lyft, more than half of toronto riders They've used Lyft to get to and from public transportation, so there is certainly an audience for this functionality. For now, Toronto is the only Canadian city that supports Lyft transit, but the private transportation company says it will also launch in Vancouver "in the coming months." Lyft is available at Android, iOS and The Web. Source: Lyft
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Google now implements audio and video subtitles in Duo

Google is now releasing subtitles for audio and video messages on Duo.In a noisy place? No problem. Captions are now available on Google Duo, so you won't miss a word of your voice and video messages. - Made by Google (@madebygoogle) August 19, 2020This feature was first discovered in February by applications researcher Jane Manchun Wong, although this marks its first official release. It is important to note that this is not the same technology as Live Captions, which Google offers on select Pixel phones. That feature is capable of transcribing in real time, while Duo's new captioning option is not. Still, the Duo feature should help you check video and voice messages even ...
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Facebook begins to merge Messenger and Instagram chats

Facebook now asks users if they want to merge their Messenger and Instagram chats. During the last day, Instagram users reported that Facebook is providing them with a notification titled "There is a new way to send messages on Instagram" when opening the application. This message lists several new features, including "chat with friends who use Facebook", "a new colorful look for your chats", "react with any emoji" and "swipe to reply". Overall, this update brings the Instagram messaging feature more in line with Messenger. Namely, the update replaces the usual Instagram DM icon with the Messenger logo. Additionally, messages will appear in blue and purple as you scroll, in stark contrast to the standard Instagram gray and white ...