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Apple blocks an unofficial method to install iOS apps on Mac M1
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Apple blocks an unofficial method to install iOS apps on Mac M1

Apple has disabled the ability for people with Mac M1 to install iOS applications unofficially.First seen by 9to5Mac, the change means that the only way to install iOS apps is through the Mac App Store. Developers can still allow their iOS or iPad apps to run on the new Mac M1s, which use Apple Silicon and the ARM architecture that the iPhone and iPad chips are based on. However, if the developers have not enabled this capability for their applications, it will not be available for Mac M1.For a few months now, Mac M1 users could use a workaround to install whatever iOS app they have to run on their Mac. Unsurprisingly, this made the developer change moot and it is not surprising that Apple has disabled capacity.In macOS 11.1, users will receive an error message tell...
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Google to restrict third-party Chromium browsers access to Chrome sync

In a recent blog post, Google announced that it would restrict some specific features of Chromesuch as syncing and "Click to call" which made their way into third-party Chromium browsers. For those unfamiliar with Chromium, it is an open source browser project largely managed by Google. Chromium forms the basis for Google's Chrome browser, as well as a variety of other browsers, including Microsoft's new Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, and more. Chromium is also available as a browser on its own, although it relies on various Google services for features like Safe Browsing. "During a recent audit, we discovered that some third-party Chromium-based browsers could integrate Google features, such as Chrome sync and Click to Call, which are on...
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Signal recovers from disruption caused by influx of new users

Signal is now fully operational after a one-day outage caused by an influx of WhatsApp users joining the service. Following the release of WhatsApp's new privacy policy, millions of users have switched to rival platforms like Signal. Due to the influx of new users, the application had problems with messages and logins. Thank you to the millions of new Signal users around the world for your patience. His ability to understand inspired us as we expanded our capacity. " Signal tweeted. “As an unfortunate side effect of this interruption, users may see errors in some of their chats. This * doesn't * affect the security of your chat, but you may have missed a message from that contact. " Signal notes that while the outage may have ca...
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WhatsApp delays new privacy policy amid widespread confusion

WhatsApp has delayed its new privacy policy amid confusion over its data-sharing practices with Facebook, its parent company. Originally, the policy was supposed to go into effect on February 8, and users had to agree to it to continue using the app. This date has now been extended to May 15. “We have heard from a lot of people how much confusion there is surrounding our recent update. There has been a lot of misinformation that has caused concern and we want to help everyone understand our principles and facts, ”the company said in a blog post. WhatsApp has reiterated that conversations are protected with end-to-end encryption and that it does not keep logs of who users are texting or calling. It also points out that you can't ...
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Today is the last day of free original-quality Google Photos backups for Pixel 2 devices

If you have a Pixel 2 or 2 XL, January 16 is the last day to upload original quality images to Google Photos. Free original-quality Google Photos backups were perhaps one of the best perks Google has ever offered with the Pixel series. For those unfamiliar with it, the original Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 allowed users to backup their images and videos to Google Photos in original quality for free. However, the feature had a time limit - the Pixel 2 series limit ends today. Original-quality backups usually count toward your Google One storage. Given enough time, you'll likely use up all of your cloud storage and have to pay more. Google Photos also offers a 'high-quality' backup feature that compresses images and videos. They st...
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Netflix is ​​working to add support for Apple’s Spatial Audio

Netflix is ​​reportedly testing support for Apple's 'Spatial Audio' feature on AirPods Max and Pro. It could release the feature sometime this spring. French publication iPhonesoft (via Apple Insider) quoted a Netflix employee who revealed that work on Spatial Audio began last December. Although they did not share a specific release date, the employee confirmed that the feature should launch in the spring. Also, the employee said iPhonesoft that Netflix would only support Spatial Audio in a limited catalog of content. For those unfamiliar with the feature, Apple debuted Spatial Audio at WWDC 2020 and later released it to users with updates to iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur. Spatial Audio uses algorithms to convert surround ...
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Xbox shows off the most Canadian-themed controller ever made

I don't really understand why denim is the "Canadian tuxedo", but whatever. Anyway, a recent tweet from Xbox Canada shows a denim-adorned Xbox controller, making it the most Canadian controller of all time.The "Canadian Tuxedo" is now a 3-piece suit.👖🎮🇨🇦This Canadian Tuxedo controller is one of a kind, but please let us know which one would be your Canadian-themed dream controller. We could do it ... - Xbox Canada (@XboxCanada) January 15, 2021It has belt loops, small pockets and denim throughout. Honestly, it's great if you ask me. And what's even better are some of the responses to the tweet.I guess you can say that making great controllers is in our jeans. - Xbox Canada (@XboxCanada) January ...
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Epic Games expands legal dispute with Apple and Google to the UK

Epic Games kicked off 2021 by expanding its ongoing legal dispute with Apple and Google to the UK The company behind Fortnite and the unreal engine filed new complaints with the UK Antitrust Court of Appeal against the two companies for their decision to eliminate Fortnite from the App Store and Play Store. Specifically, Epic accused Apple of abusing its "dominant position" in the market. Epic highlights three accusations against Apple in the complaint. First, the company alleges that Apple reserved the sole method for distributing applications to iPhone and iPad devices, processing payments for the applications and content within the applications for itself. Epic also accused Apple of using its position to charge developers unfair prices for these systems. Finally, the presenta...
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Musician writes a sad and funny song about the shortage of PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 has been notoriously difficult to find since its launch in November. Whenever a retailer restocks the current generation gaming system, it sells out in just a few minutes without fail. With all this in mind, a musician came up with a funny and sad song about the shortage of consoles. On a recent Twitch broadcast, Claudio Sánchez, frontman of the progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria, put on an impromptu show. While he owns a PS5, it is clear that he was singing from the bottom of his heart to the many people who have yet to get hold of one. Check out the song for yourself:Best of luck to everyone trying to get a PS5.
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YouTube tests a new feature that allows users to buy directly from videos

Google-owned YouTube is testing the ability to buy directly from videos in a new e-commerce push. “We are testing a new way for people to easily discover and buy the products that appear in YouTube videos. The creators of this pilot test can add certain products to their videos ", Read the Google support page. Google notes that viewers can see a list of featured products by clicking on the shopping bag icon in the lower-left corner of the video they're watching. From there, viewers can explore each product page and learn more about it. You will also see related videos and purchase options for the products. The pilot is rolling out with a small number of YouTube creators and is currently limited to users in the United States on i...
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New Pokémon Snap Releases on Nintendo Switch April 30

It's still hard to believe that a new Pokémon Snap the game is on its way. Nintendo announced the sequel to the 1996 classic Pokémon Snap Several months ago, but now it has a specific release date: April 30.Like the original game, in New Pokémon Snap Players take control of a Pokémon photographer who travels through a new region called Lental with water, jungles and beaches. In the game, players work with Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita to photograph and observe Pokémon in their natural habitat. Like the first Pokémon Snap Players will be evaluated for their photography skills through "Photodex" points. The trailer accompanying the game's release date announcement shows how players can use apples to lure Pokémon closer ...
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Snapchat permanently bans US President Donald Trump

Snapchat has joined Twitter to permanently ban Donald Trump from its platform following the violent siege of the US Capitol. "Last week we announced an indefinite suspension of President Trump's Snapchat account and we have been evaluating what long-term action is best for our Snapchat community," the company said in a statement. "In the interest of public safety, and based on your attempts to spread misinformation, hate speech and incite violence, which are clear violations of our guidelines, we have made the decision to permanently terminate your account." Following the attack, the digital giants have taken steps to prevent violent rhetoric from spreading on the Internet through their platforms. Twitter has permanently banned Tru...