Tuesday, October 27


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IPhone 12 out-of-warranty repairs cost up to $ 719 in Canada

Image: support.apple.com According to the Apple official IPhone repair and service page for Canada, Out of Warranty Repairs for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro it will cost users up to $ 719 CAD. Listings for these new phones were added to the repair and service page prior to pre-orders of the devices that were launched Friday October 16. While the exact amount you need to pay will vary based on the type of repairs you need to perform on your device, the listings specify an out-of-warranty repair fee of up to $ 599 for an iPhone 12 and up to $ 719 for an iPhone 12 Pro. To put this cost in perspective, you can buy a new iPhone SE for $ 599. An out of warranty screen replacement for an iPhone 12 has a completely different fee and will cost you $ 365 CAD for iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. ...
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AppleCare + now covers 2 accidental damage incidents every 12 months

AppleCare + was updated yesterday to offer even more value, as extended warranty coverage now includes up to two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months on select products, instead of just one. Of course, each incident requires a service fee based on the damage, but if you are accident prone this offers added peace of mind that you can pay to get a replacement. Here's the old wording from Apple's AppleCare + page for iPhone:... and here is the new change, which adds the mention of two incidents Accidental Damage Protection Every 12 Months:Accidental damage incidents are not moving. "Any unused incident will expire after 12 months of coverage and you will get two more incidents to use within the next 12 months of continuous coverage," explains Apple's fine print. Ac...
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Apple Extends Timeframe to Buy AppleCare + in Canada Amid Slow Sales

According to a staff memo obtained by Bloomberg, Apple has told its retail and customer service employees that it is extending the period of time in which customers in Canada and the US can subscribe to its AppleCare + Extended Warranty Service. While previously Apple customers were required to register with the AppleCare + warranty and support program within 60 days of purchasing a product, now available for up to one year from the initial date of purchase in the US and Canada. "This gives customers another opportunity to protect their device and have access to all the benefits of AppleCare +," Apple wrote in its memo.The company told employees that the offer is available to customers who pay for AppleCare + in full payments versus monthly payments, or to those who subscri...
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You Can Now Extend AppleCare+ Coverage in Canada with Monthly Payments

Apple says it’s now possible to extend AppleCare+ coverage in Canada on a monthly basis, if you paid upfront for the extra warranty plan. “If you paid upfront for 24 or 36 months of coverage, you can continue coverage on a monthly basis after the 24 or 36 months is over,” explains an Apple Support document (via AppleInsider). Apple explains, “In the United States, Australia, Canada, and Japan, when you purchase AppleCare+ coverage for your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you can choose to pay monthly or pay upfront for 24 months of coverage,” adding Apple Watch Edition and Hermes models can be paid upfront for 36 months. The change says, “If you paid upfront, you can go to mysupport.apple.com to continue coverage on a monthly basis after the 24 or 36 months is over,” adds Apple....