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Apple TV + free trial runs through July 2021

Apple is once again extending the free trial period for its Apple TV + streaming service. This time around, the tech giant is allowing spoilers to stay on the platform until July 2021, and 9to5Mac notes that even paying subscribers will be reimbursed for two months of credits. This is the second time Apple has extended the trial of the service. This probably means that anyone who got a free trial of Apple TV + when the service launched last year will still have access to the service for the launch of For all mankind Season 2 and the Tom Holland movie Cherry. Until now, no one in the MobileSyrup Apple TV subscription was extended last February, but 9to5Mac reports that Apple will send emails over the next several weeks notifying ...
Streaming in Canada on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV +, Crave, Disney + and Netflix [Jan. 4-10]
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Streaming in Canada on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV +, Crave, Disney + and Netflix [Jan. 4-10]

Weekly, MobileSyrup reviews some of the most notable movies and TV shows to hit Canadian streaming platforms recently. Our 'Streaming in Canada' column generally focuses on new content from Amazon Prime Video Canada, Crave, and Netflix Canada, but other services such as Apple TV + and Disney + will be mentioned where relevant. We will also highlight shows or movies that are made in Canada, involve a notable Canadian cast or crew, and / or are filmed in Canada. Finally, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing many movies to hit digital platforms much earlier than planned, we will take note of the important movies, as well as any other notable news from the streaming service, to be included in this category when corresponds.Amazon Prime Video ShirleyBased on the novel of the same name ...
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Apple is reportedly working on a gaming-focused Apple TV with a new, faster remote processor

When the fourth-generation Apple TV was first released in 2015, Apple emphasized its gaming capabilities. While those ambitions never materialized, the new rumors courtesy of From Bloomberg Mark Gurman, Often Reliable indicate that Apple is not done with the gaming space yet. According to Gurman, a new Apple TV will launch in 2021 that focuses on video games and includes an updated remote control and a new processor. Given how frustrating the Siri Remote can be at times, hopefully this new controller ditches the concept of touch navigation entirely. The touch controls are great, but you really can't beat the physical controls in the context of a set-top box remote. In the past, Bloomberg has stated that Apple is developing a new ...
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Apple TV app to launch on Chromecast with Google TV in 2021

It appears that the Chromecast with Google TV recently released by Google is the next device to gain access to Apple's TV app. The app, which includes content from Apple TV +, has been launched on various set-top boxes, smart TVs, and video game consoles in recent months. However, this is the first time that Apple TV + has arrived on Google hardware. This announcement followed Apple Music being officially added to Google's Nest smart speakers a few weeks ago. Although still very uncharacteristic of Apple, it makes sense that the company wants its original content TV / movie streaming service to be available on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience. Along with original content from Apple TV +, the Apple TV app also combines ...
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Another Apple TV remote with physical buttons is on the way

It's no secret that the Siri Remote on Apple TV can often be frustrating. Sure, if you've been using one for several months, it's possible to master it. However, if you are choosing a Siri Remote for the first time, it can be surprisingly unnerving. Following the remote control developed by Salt from last year sold by a Swiss Internet and television provider, Universal Electronics launches its own Apple TV remote control with physical navigation buttons. The remote connects to Apple TV via Bluetooth Low Energy or Infrared, includes a microphone for Siri commands, and works as a universal remote for televisions and audio devices. In addition, the remote control has backlit keys that are turned on by an ambient light sensor. While ...
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PlayStation 5 launches with support for the Apple TV app

The Apple TV app is now available on Sony's PlayStation 4 and the new PlayStation 5. The video streaming app is now available on Xbox Series X / S and various smart TVs and set-top boxes. The TV app allows users to view Apple TV + content and shows / movies rented or purchased from Apple. Apple TV + has received a lot of criticism since its initial launch given that it doesn't feature much content, but I like the service and have enjoyed the Apple originals like Little America, Ted Lasso Y For all mankind immensely. It's worth noting that everyone who buys a new iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, or Mac gets a free year of Apple TV +. Getting the Apple TV app on a PS4 is a huge win for Apple, as Sony has sold more than 113 million units, acc...
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Xbox Series X / S will have Apple TV, Disney +, Netflix and other apps at launch

Microsoft has revealed which entertainment apps will be available on Xbox Series X and S when next-gen consoles launch in Canada on November 10. See below for the full confirmed list. Please note that many of these applications are not available in Canada and will be marked accordingly.Amazon Prime Video Disney + FandangoNow (not available in Canada) HBO Max (not available in Canada) Hulu (not available in Canada) NBC Peacock (not available in Canada) Netflix NOW TV (not available in Canada) Sky go (not available in Canada) Sky ticket (not available in Canada) Spotify Twitch Youtube YouTube TV (not available in Canada) Voodoo (not available in Canada)Notably, this is the first time the Apple TV app has been available on an Xbo...
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Xbox Apple TV App Launch November 10

Microsoft has Announced The Apple TV app is coming to Xbox consoles on November 10. When our new family of Xbox consoles launches worldwide on November 10, it will have more than the entertainment apps you enjoy today on Xbox One. We are excited to share that the Apple TV app is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X. and Xbox Series S on November 10, "the company explained Monday. This means that you will be able to watch Apple TV + on your new Xbox at launch. By the end of october Sony announced that the Apple TV app would launch with the PS5 and PS4. Gamers are going to have a heyday this winter not only with the new consoles, but also with the Apple TV app.
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The Apple One subscription package is now available in Canada

Apple's new subscription service package 'Apple One' is now available in Canada. The service pack, which was first revealed at Apple's fall hardware event in September, is available in several tiers that vary in price. The tech giant's surprise revealed that the service would launch on October 30 during its recent Q4 2020 earnings call. Below are all the Apple One bundles available in Canada:Individual - Includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage for $ 15.95 CAD / month Family - Includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and 200GB of iCloud storage for up to six users for $ 20.95 Premier: Includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News +, 2 TB of iCloud storage, and the recently an...
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Turns out you don’t have movies that you buy from Amazon, Apple, Google

A recent lawsuit launched on Amazon has brought to light that when you buy digital film, you don't really own it forever. The terms used by Apple, Google, and Amazon seem like the industry average. These terms allow users unlimited views of the movie or show they purchased, but if the company loses the license to that content, it will be removed from their online library. Personally, I've never heard of anyone having this happen to you outside of Netflix and other streaming services, but it's something to keep in mind. Amazon's attorney in the cases says that "These Terms of Use expressly state that buyers obtain only a limited license to view video content and that purchased content may become unavailable due to the provider's or...
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Former Apple Engineer Recalls Development Process Behind Apple TV Remote

Following the discontinuation of the standalone “Remote” app for Apple TV, a former Apple engineer has tweeted how it evolved and how he helped with the design and development of the current Siri Remote. Last week, Apple removed the "Remote" app, which was first introduced as iTunes Remote before switching to a controller for Apple TV. The Cupertino dropped the app in favor of using the included Siri Remote for Apple TV, or the software-based version for its iOS devices, built into the Control Center. Now, former Apple engineer Alan Cannistraro has posted a series of tweets explaining the history of the tool since its first code, written in 2006: While we shipped it with only iTunes and ‌Apple TV‌ control, my prototype also allowed me to turn lights, TVs and receivers on / of...
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Apple and Netflix Consider Buying ‘No Time To Die’ For Streaming Services: Report

Apple and Netflix are reportedly competing for the rights to present the new James Bond movie, No time to die on their streaming platforms. The details came first from film critic and screenwriter Drew McWeeny, who hinted on his Twitter account that both parties have offered 'crazy' amounts of money for the movie. McWeeny later expanded on tweet in a newsletter, noting that during the past 10 days, at least six people have reached out to him, saying that Apple and Netflix are the most actively engaged in conversations with MGM, the studio that owns the Bond franchise. Following McWeeny's newsletter, several other publications, including Bloomberg Y Variety, published stories about the potential of No time to die coming to Apple TV + or Netflix. An MGM spokesperson said Variety tha...