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Spotify criticizes Apple for “favoring its own services” with Apple One packages

Apple debuted today with new subscriptions to Apple One, offer customers savings on included Apple services, which it says can save Canadians up to $ 32 per month. Spotify earlier today criticized Apple One subscriptions, releasing the following statement for Recode media Peter Kafka: Once again, Apple is using its dominant position and unfair practices to disadvantage its competitors and deprive consumers by favoring its own services. We call on competition authorities to act urgently to curb Apple's anti-competitive behavior, which if left unchecked, will cause irreparable harm to the developer community and threaten our collective freedoms to listen, learn to create and connect. In response to Reuters, Apple said the Apple One bundles were for existing users of the company...
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References to Apple’s subscription package supposedly found in iOS code

References to Apple's upcoming subscription package called 'Apple One' have been found in the iOS code. 9to5Mac reports It found strings of code in the locator files used for the Manage iPhone Subscriptions screen. The code has been recently added, indicating that the bundles could be announced at Apple's event on September 15. The code includes phrases such as "Cancel Apple One," "Keep Apple One," and "You can unsubscribe from Apple One and keep only what you want." These references suggest that users will be able to choose whether to continue subscribing to Apple services individually or select one of the Apple One packages. MacRumors also informs that Apple has registered multiple domains with Apple One in the URL, further suggesting that a launch will ...
‘Apple One’ references found in iOS codes and registered domain names
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‘Apple One’ references found in iOS codes and registered domain names

Last month, Bloomberg reported Apple would debut with a new service package called 'Apple One', and ahead of the company's special event on Tuesday, more evidence of the new offering was uncovered. 9to5Mac has found references to 'Apple One' in the iOS code, noting that "these strings appear in the location files used for the Manage iPhone Subscriptions screen." The strings mention terms such as "Cancel Apple One", "Keep Apple One" and "You can unsubscribe from Apple One and keep only what you want.""String references are in the same file as strings of code that talk about selecting which individual Apple services to keep, rather than continuing with the package," he reports 9to5Mac. Earlier this week, References to Apple One were also discovered in the Apple Music app for...