Wednesday, October 21

Apple Music 1

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Apple renames Beats 1 Radio to ‘Apple Music 1’, launches two new radio stations

Apple has renamed its radio station Beats 1 to 'Apple Music 1', as well as launching two new stations: Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country. Today, Apple Announced It was renaming its flagship radio station from Beats 1 to Apple Music 1. It's a logical move, given that "Beats 1" was the only place the Beats brand appeared on the Apple Music service. But on the other hand, the station has been running for more than five years and Apple Call is "one of the most listened to radio stations in the world." Apple Music is also launching some very popular new stations today. Apple Music Hits will, unsurprisingly, focus on the biggest songs of the '80s,' 90s, and 2000s, which implies that it won't be focusing on the newest music. The show will be presented similarly to Apple Mus...