Friday, October 23

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Refreshed Apple Maps to be rolled out to cover Canada soon

Apple's new map design is starting to roll out to cover Canada in its Maps app. This new design looks quite similar to the previous version, but Apple said the new design in the US included "faster and more accurate navigation and full views of roads, buildings, parks, airports, shopping malls and more." Therefore, it is expected that these improvements will also reach the Canadian renovation. In the screenshots shared by Apple Maps fan Justin O'Beirne, this appears to be correct. Screenshot of Justin O'Beirne. The new version of the map is on the right. Canada will be the fourth company to be covered by Apple's new maps if it officially launches soon, according to O'Beirne. Previously, the US, UK and Ireland received the new up...
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Apple begins testing new Apple maps in Canada

Back at WWDC, Apple announced that three countries will get new versions of Apple Maps: Canada, UK and Ireland. On Monday, it appears that Apple has started testing its new Apple Maps in Canada within iOS 14, as noted. Justin O'Beirne (via MacRumors). According to O'Beirne, the addition of new Apple Maps in Canada will bring the largest expansion yet, adding approximately 3,855 square miles (6,204 km) of coverage. "In the past, Apple has spent between 16 and 49 days publicly testing its previous expansions," O'Beirne explains, adding: "Given this, Expansion # 10 is likely to be released to all Apple Maps users at some point. November time ".Screenshots comparing the before and after of Canadian cities were shared within Apple Maps, including locations such as Toronto, the Ni...
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Apple Maps Now Reminds International Travelers to Self-Isolate for Two Weeks

Apple Maps is reminding international travelers of self-isolation guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States with a new notification when returning from foreign travel. While there are travel restrictions put into place pretty much all over the world, some travel is still allowed as people need to go to other countries for work or other emergency reasons. The guidelines say that whenever you come back from travel, you should self-isolate for 14 days to make sure that you’re not infected with the coronavirus. In case it wasn’t already obvious for some people, it seems that Apple has introduced a little reminder in their Apple Maps app. Thanks to a tweet from Kyle Seth Gray, it now appears that whenever Apple Maps detects that you m...