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Sony Says It Will Supply OLED Microscreens For Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses

According to a report by the Japanese publication Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Sony will provide OLED microdisplays for the widely rumored augmented reality (AR) glasses, What are they wait to debut as soon as next year (via MacRumors). The report has also been corroborated by analyst Ross Young, who claims that Apple is indeed planning to use Sony's micro-display technology for its next wearable accessory. Sony's OLED micro-displays are small, cutting-edge displays with an ultra-fast response rate, ultra-high contrast, a wide color gamut for accurate color reproduction, high luminance, low reflectance and other benefits that would be ideal for AR glasses from Manzana.Young said that the glasses will use a 0.5-inch screen with a 1,280 × 960 resolution, and these specifications app...