Friday, October 23

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Apple’s mask emoji now smiles in iOS 14.2

Image Source: EmojipediaThere are changes in emojis due to the coronavirus pandemic, it seems. Emojipedia reports that Apple has made a small change to the mask emoji in iOS 14.2, the next update to Apple's operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. In its latest version, the masked emoji now appears to be smiling. The mask emoji was possibly the least known of the emojis representing emotions. That was, until the COVID-19 pandemic hit in full force in early 2020. The emoji, for obvious reasons, suddenly saw a resurgence as COVID-19 spread globally, becoming one of the emojis most popular tweets used in pandemic-related tweets. It's true that the mask emoji looks a bit sick. And that's for good reason, as wearing masks was not common practice outside of places like Japa...