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Loblaw’s New PC Health App Offers Virtual Healthcare, PC Optimum Rewards, and More

Loblaw has launched its PC Health application for health and wellness in Atlantic Canada. Overall, the app is intended to bring together various services in one place, including free live chats with registered nurses and dietitians, the ability to set and track personal health goals, and daily goals and activities to be carried out. will be completed in exchange for PC Optimum loyalty points. Users can also create a profile to receive personalized tool and support recommendations based on their individual health needs or interests. Loblaw says his goal is to roll out PC Health nationwide "over the next several months" while adding new features, including virtual healthcare and digital pharmacy. The app is powered by technology from...
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Nanoleaf’s new Triangles and Mini Triangles allow for incredible new panel combinations

Earlier this week, Toronto-based smart lighting company Nanoleaf announced an expansion on its 'Shapes' smart lighting panels. The company added two new options to the Shapes line, the new Triangles and Mini Triangles lights. I had the opportunity to test the new Triangles and Mini Triangles and in short, Nanoleaf has outdone itself once again. The new Shapes Triangles are an update to the company's original triangle-shaped Light Panels, but with the new connector that makes them interoperable with other Shapes panels, such as the Hexagon lights released earlier this year. Mini Triangles, on the other hand, are a smaller option that are also more affordable. Someone who wants to get into Nanoleaf without spending a ton of money will appreciate the new Mini Triangles, plus they work ...
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Trusted Google Contacts Removed from App Stores, Support Ends December

Google has removed its Trusted Contacts app from the App Store and Play Store. In the Trusted Contacts support page, the tech giant confirmed that those who already have the application installed on their phones can continue to use it until December 1, at which point it will no longer be compatible. The app allowed people to safely share their location with close friends or family, which could be especially helpful for parents or finding a loved one in an emergency. In Canada, the application does not allow you to add contacts with Canadian phone numbers, although you can do so using email addresses. Once Trusted Contacts are gone, smartphone owners can turn to Google Maps' location sharing features. Via: Engadget ...
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Tesla adds two-factor authentication to its mobile app

After first announcing 2-factor authentication in early 2019, Telsa is finally about to launch the new feature, at least according to Elon Musk. Said that this is not the first time in 2020 that Musk has promised the show will be coming soon. This time, Musk has tweeted that the app is in the final validation process. Therefore, it should be done in a few days. When launched, the app will have two features for 2-factor authentication. Users can select between text-based or application-based authentication. If you choose text-based, you will receive a login code sent to your phone via SMS message. App-based 2-factor authentication uses an authentication app such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Authy.Sorr...
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TikTok released its first TV app on Amazon Fire TV

TikTok has released its first TV app on Amazon's Fire TV platform. As first reported by Business Insider, 'More about TikTok' is an experiment to see how well its mobile video format works on televisions. To that end, the app is read-only for now, which means it doesn't allow users to access their accounts, upload videos, or exchange currencies. Instead, the app features curated video playlists and TikTok compilations on phones, as well as interviews and other content that exceeds the mobile app's one-minute limit. For now, though, the lack of Fire TV app user data can help TikTok reach viewers in a way that doesn't disagree with lawmakers. Over the weekend, United States President Donald Trump said he was seeking to ban TikTok o...
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eID-Me digital ID app launches in British Columbia

Ottawa-based Bluink has launched its eID-Me digital ID app in British Columbia. With the app, users can store sticker-free versions of their BC Services Card, BC Driver’s Licence, and combined BC Driver’s Licence and Services Card. For now, address stickers on ID cards can’t yet be verified by eID-Me, but Bluink says it’s working on adding support for them. It’s important to note that eID-Me isn’t a substitute for legal ID. That said, the app is intended to be used as a “secure, local backup” of your ID information on your phone, says Bluink. Further, the company says information is stored in the cloud, where it will never access it. eID-Me can be adopted by organizations to let users consent to share information to access services...
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New social game app Fun Apart launches on iOS and Android

A new social game app called Fun Apart has launched on mobile devices. The app features free card-based games to download and play with others, such as NUO (an Uno clone), Go Fish and Spoons. Up to five players can connect with one another by sharing a unique 8-digit private room game code over text, email or social media. The app also supports video calling so you can see one another as they play. Fun Apart is the latest in a line of party games that offer ways to play with others remotely, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as Houseparty and Jackbox. Fun Apart can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.