Sunday, October 25

app store fees

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Epic dodges app store fees with a new direct payment system on iOS, Android

Epic Games, the developer behind the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite, announced a new 'mega drop' with permanent discounts in in-game currency. However, there is a little catch for mobile gamers. In a blog post, Epic described the mega drop change coming to 'V-Bucks', the in-game currency Fortnite Players can buy with real money and spend on cosmetics and other in-game items. Epic's mega drop permanently reduces the cost of V-Bucks by 20 percent on PC and console. On mobile, things look different. Epic introduced a new direct payment option for Fortnite both on iOS and Android. The new direct payment method includes a 20 percent discount. However, the in-app purchase model App Store and Play Store still exists at the regular price. Those who use Epic's direct option can ch...