Friday, November 27


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Apex Legends Season 7 trailer offers new map and character details

Apex legends Season 7 'Ascension' is coming. The new season offers a new map, a new legend, and the first vehicle deployment. According to Entertainment Respawn, 'Olympus' is a large map and probably the largest we have seen in Appendix considering that it required vehicles to navigate. The developer describes the new map as "a beautiful, lush city in the clouds."The new legend, "Horizon", was first introduced in season 6. You can meet the legend at the shooting range and complete a quest for her. Horizon is an astrophysicist who managed to escape from a black hole and now has a mastery of gravity. Apex legends Season 7 also introduces a new feature called 'Clubs' which, according to Respawn, aims to help "like-minded players, ...