Thursday, October 29

Apex Legends

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Apex Legends Season 7 trailer offers new map and character details

Apex legends Season 7 'Ascension' is coming. The new season offers a new map, a new legend, and the first vehicle deployment. According to Entertainment Respawn, 'Olympus' is a large map and probably the largest we have seen in Appendix considering that it required vehicles to navigate. The developer describes the new map as "a beautiful, lush city in the clouds."The new legend, "Horizon", was first introduced in season 6. You can meet the legend at the shooting range and complete a quest for her. Horizon is an astrophysicist who managed to escape from a black hole and now has a mastery of gravity. Apex legends Season 7 also introduces a new feature called 'Clubs' which, according to Respawn, aims to help "like-minded players, ...
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EA Faces Class Action Lawsuit In Canada Over Loot Boxes

EA Faces Class Action Lawsuit Regarding Loot Box Deployment Once Again; however, this time, it is based in Canada. The class action lawsuit, which was first discovered in the e-sports and gaming law publication The patch notes, was presented on September 20 by two Canadians from British Columbia and Ontario, Mark Sutherland and Shawn Moore. Similar to previous class action lawsuits involving random consumable video game items that cost real money, the lawsuit argues that the loot boxes are gambling and that EA is operating an unlicensed gambling business in violation of the criminal code. Canadian. Additionally, the lawsuit says that EA has violated consumer protection statutes such as the BC Consumer Protection Act because the...
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Apex Legends will finally launch the cross-play beta on October 6

After promising crossover play in June, Respawn Entertainment has announced their throwing a Apex legends crossplay beta test on Origin, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 6. This means Apex legends Players of all platforms will now be able to play against each other, similar to Battle Royale games that compete as Fornite Y Call of Duty Warzone. Along with crossover play, Respawn is also launching a new 'Aftermarket Collection Event' and a limited time game mode called 'Flashpoint'. The developer says that beta participants will be able to add friends from other platforms and form groups in the game. The in-game friends list indicates which platform the friends are playing on. Respawn says that in-game chat is supported on all platforms, but cross-pla...