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An apartment in London has a literal swimming pool in its basement

There are some things you really can’t put a price on.Thankfully, an apartment without a literal swimming pool inside it is not one of those things. In fact, the exact price, as it turns out is $1.56 million.That information is courtesy of a bizarre, “one-of-a-kind” apartment listing, which is currently going viral on Twitter. The discovery comes courtesy of a user named Alice Beverton-Palmer, who discovered the London flat on July 27.The two-bedroom flat, located in the city’s Holloway neighborhood, boasts a “luxury private swimming pool, sauna [and] shower,” according to the property listing.Credit: ZooplaApparently, the swimming pool is in the basement, which can be accessed via a spiral staircase. There’s also an open-glass viewing platform in t...
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Gigi Hadid divides fans with ‘upsetting’ home decor: ‘Ruined my day’

On July 26, supermodel and mom-to-be Gigi Hadid took to Instagram to give fans a glimpse of her newly renovated New York City apartment.“Spent all of last year designing and curating my passion project / dream spot,” she wrote about her space. “Of course it all came together right before quarantining out of the city … but I’m excited for the time I’ll get to spend enjoying all the special corners that were made with a lil help from some of my favorite creatives … who embraced my ideas and didn’t call me crazy.”Hadid’s “favorite creatives” might not have called her crazy when she asked for a bowl of pool balls in the kitchen or a giant mechanical pencil statue in the foyer, but many fans sure are.Credit: Instagram/Gigi HadidIn a now-viral tweet, comedian S...