Friday, October 30


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Play Store riddled with reference AnTuTu clones after app removal

Google removed the AnTuTu reference software from the Play Store earlier this year, but you will be forgiven for not noticing. Play Store is now plagued with fakes, clones, and duplicates of the app. A quick search for AnTuTu on the Play Store reveals several apps that claim to be AnTuTu's benchmark suite. Android Police notes that many of the apps steal or use similar but slightly modified versions of the AnTuTu logo to appear more legitimate. AnTuTu is arguably one of the best-known benchmark tools for mobile phones and it lives up to Geekbench. It's been around for at least as long as I've been playing with phones. Android Police reports that Google removed several apps from the Play Store this year, including AnTuTu in March....