Saturday, October 24


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Google Sued by US Department of Justice for Antitrust Concerns

The US Department of Justice sued Google for antitrust violations Tuesday, alleging that the company abused its domain in online searches and advertising to suppress competition. The lawsuit comes after months of ongoing investigations into Google and other big tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Amazon. points out that lawsuit is the most important measure of the US government to protect competition from the famous case against Microsoft via Internet Explorer in 2001. Assistant US Attorney General Jeff Rosen explained the antitrust complaint, saying it accuses Google of maintaining "monopoly power through foreclosure practices that are harmful to competition." Filed in federal court in Washington, DC, the lawsuit alleges th...
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Google docs reveal words employees shouldn’t use

Various internal Google notes obtained by The market Summarize the words that employees can and cannot use in the hope that avoiding certain buzzwords could prevent antitrust investigations. For example, the documents say that Google employees should avoid words like "marketplace," "barriers to entry," and "network effects," a term that means products like social media become more valuable as more people they use them. One document says that "words matter" and describes five "general rules" for written communications. Perhaps in a more revealing case, one document reads: “Alphabet is in high demand and we have a fair amount of regulatory investigations. Let's assume all documents will be made public. "Alphabet is Google's...