Thursday, October 29


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Annabelle reveals how she has been kept busy during quarantine

By Corey Atad. 10 seconds ago Annabelle has been living the good life during the pandemic. On Monday, to celebrate National Doll Day, Warner Bros. gave an update on the terrifying star of the "Conjuring" franchise. RELATED: Watch the New Amazon Horror Comedy Trailer 'Get Duked!' In the video, Annabelle doll sits motionless on a chair in the studio offices as the days go by. However, suddenly, she disappears and the camera rotates to discover that she was transferred to another part of the room. From there, Annabelle is the scene in a series of difference situations, including using an Ouija board and sitting in a studio golf cart outside with a mask on. RELATED: Liam Neeson Is An 'Honest Thief' In Trailer For New Crime Thriller In the ...