Thursday, October 22

Andy Grammer

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Andy Grammer uses the pain of losing his mother to help children who have lost a loved one

By Jamie Samhan. 20 seconds ago Andy Grammer uses his pain to help others. After posting her number and a message to “text me” on her Instagram profile, a person sent her a message, writing “I am a volunteer at a camp for children who have experienced pain. Do you want to participate? " Grammer personally responded via voice memo, excited to help with Experience camps. She was inspired after losing her own mother in 2009 to breast cancer. RELATED: Andy Grammer Says Raising Newborn Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Is 'Intense' Not only has he helped the 1,000 attendees at the camp, talking about his loss has helped him heal. "For me," said Grammer ME! News, “Sharing my deepest pains makes them go away faster. Create a void for the other person to share yours. A...