Monday, October 26

Android Auto

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Wireless Android Auto is coming to all Android 11 phones

Google has recently updated its support page with new wording that mentions that all Android 11 users should be able to connect to Android Auto automatically. Until this update, only a few phones from Google and Samsung have supported the feature. However, The latest Google wording says, “Any smartphone with Android 11.0 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi” can connect to a compatible Android Auto head unit wirelessly in a car. The support page also mentions that users should ensure that the Android Auto software on their phone is updated to the latest version. While Android Auto can be integrated into Android 11, you still need to update it via the Play Store. This is quite exciting and should make things easier for some drivers, but most people wi...
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Android Auto now supports more third-party navigation apps

If you use Android Auto in your car, you'll probably be glad to know that you can finally use third-party map apps with Google's in-car infotainment platform. Until now, you could only use Google Maps or Waze with the car dashboard, but now Google is opening up the system to more apps. This doesn't just include mapping apps like TomTom and MapFactor, but also platforms like ChargePoint for electric vehicle drivers and parking applications. This news also comes a day after Google added Maps to the Apple Watch and the CarPlay Dashboard display. I have a feeling that most people probably use Google Maps or Waze anyway, but having these additional options makes Google seem a little less anti-competitive in a way. Via: 9to5Google...
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Android Auto for phones gets revamped Google Maps support

The latest update that’s rolling out to the Google Maps app for smartphones that makes Maps a lot easier to use within Android Auto. The update doesn’t do much to the interface when you use your phone in portrait mode. Basically, the corners are a bit more rounded, which makes the Maps app look a bit more like other modern Material Designed Google Apps.The more significant change comes when you rotate the phone into landscape. The new version compresses the route options so that they only cover the left half of the screen when expended, instead of taking up all of the screen. This new version won’t be super helpful if you have a very small phone, but on larger phones, you can still see quite a bit of the map. Image source: Androi...