Thursday, October 22

An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change

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Rainn Wilson Supplies The Facts In ‘An Idiot’s Guide To Climate Change’

By Corey Atad. 15 secs ago Rainn Wilson is helping the layman understand the climate crisis. On Tuesday, the former “Office” star debuted the trailer for his new docuseries “An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change”. RELATED: Rainn Wilson Puts Billie Eilish Through Round 2 Of ‘The Office’ Trivia The six-episode series from Wilson’s SoulPancake studio will air on YouTube and will help viewers understand the threat our planet is facing and how we can protect it. “Before our current devastating pandemic, I took a trip to Greenland with some climate scientists to explore that other devastating future pandemic – climate change,” Wilson told Deadline. “I knew nothing about climate science and global warming, and I’d never seen a glacier before. The amazing, fun,...