Wednesday, October 28

amina muaddi

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Amina Muaddi and Rihanna team up for Fenty shoe collaboration

“Strong,” “refined” and “feminine” are the key words for Amina Muaddi and Rihanna’s debut Fenty shoe collaboration, which drops on July 15. Muaddi revealed on Fenty’s website that she wanted to create “footwear that represents the muse: strong, refined and feminine.”If you are unfamiliar with the Jordan-Romanian designer, Amina Muaddi has made unprecedented waves in the fashion industry after launching her namesake collection just two years ago. Known for her flared architectural heels and sexy color palettes, the shoe designer has created a line of exclusive luxury heels that have a telling future to fall in line with the greats. Think Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin.Rihanna, who launched her Fenty fashion house under the massive umbrella of ...