Tuesday, October 27

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Former App Store Director Says Apple Is Using The Guidelines “As A Weapon Against Competition”

Former App Store Director Phil Shoemaker spoke with the U.S. House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee during his antitrust investigation. While speaking to the subcommittee, Shoemaker stated that Apple uses the App Store guidelines "as a weapon against competition." Following the investigation, a 450-page report was published publicly. The report included the subcommittee's suggestions to amend antitrust policies as it pertains to companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. It also included testimonials from people the committee spoke to. Business Insider picked up testimony from Shoemaker, who put a magnifying glass on Apple's treatment of Apple Arcade on gaming services like Xbox Game Pass and its subsequent cloud gaming. Regarding Xbox Game Pass, Apple has previ...
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Amazon announces Luna, its new cloud game streaming service

Amazon has announced its new cloud-based gaming service Luna. The new streaming service is one that can compete closely with the likes of Microsoft's xCloud and Google Stadia. Luna will begin its early access period at the end of October in the US. During its annual hardware event, Amazon surprised many by announcing Luna. Rumor has it that Amazon is creating its own game streaming service for quite some time. However, there were no prior indications that it would be shown this year. Luna comes with a low entry point of $ 5.99 USD and aims to have more than 100 games available by the end of this year.Amazon has also developed a low-latency controller, which can be paired when using Luna on Fire TV, PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Android device support will reportedly kick ...