Friday, October 30

Alto’s Odyssey

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The Alto Collection, Remnant from the Ashes free at Epic Games store next week

Earlier this week, Toronto-based developer Snowman announced that its success The adventure of the stop and Alto's Odyssey the games will reach the Epic Games Store and consoles through The Alto collection. Now Epic Games has revealed that The Alto collection It will be free in your store on August 13, the day it launches there. At the same time, Remnant: from the ashes it will be free too. The games will remain free until August 20. Both of them High The games feature endless snowboarding play against atmospheric scenarios, while Remnant: from the ashes is a Dark soulsinspired third person shooter. It is worth noting that The Alto collection It will also launch on PS4 and Xbox One on August 13, with a version of the Nintendo Swi...
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Toronto developed the ‘Alto’s’ game package coming to consoles and PC on August 13

Toronto-based developer Snowman has announced that he is acclaimed The adventure of the stop and Alto's Odyssey Mobile games will launch later this month on consoles and PC. The endless snowboard games will be grouped together for the first time in the The Alto collection and launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Epic Games Store) on August 13. Snowman says a version of the Nintendo Switch will also arrive "soon".Done alongside UK-based developers, the High The games allow players to glide through various atmospheric stages while performing tricks to earn points. Specific prices for The Alto collection Not yet confirmed for context, however, The adventure of the stop is currently available in App store for $ 6.99 CAD an...